There's no such thing as a problem without a solution

Just about everything in a purchase or refinancing transaction depends on something else.
You can’t close without mortgage approval. You can’t get mortgage approval, in turn, without a termite report and a title insurance binder. And you can’t get a commitment for title insurance without a clean bill of health from the right kind of title search and commitment to resolving title issues. This means that one delay, one mistake, or any other kind of glitch at any stage of the process can throw the whole thing out of whack. Causing a lot of people a lot of unnecessary grief as they scramble to put things right. At TitleWorks of Virginia, we always keep this in mind as we strive to make each and every closing one which lets families move in on time, businesses start operations without costly delays and realtors look good in the eyes of their clients. So we concentrate on doing the most important thing in your closings quickly and right – and that most important thing is everything.

Everyone involved in the closing is always in the loop.

It takes at least a half-dozen people to bring about one closing:
The buyers, the sellers, the buyers’ realtor, the sellers’ realtor, the sellers’ attorney, the mortgage originator, the mortgage processor, and the mortgage company closer and funder.
And they can’t do it in a vacuum. That’s why TitleWorks is constantly working the phone, the fax and the e-mail to keep everyone involved up to date:

● Phoning or emailing the realtor to advise that we’ve received their email of the contract and to confirm the closing date.

● Phoning or emailing our title searchers at the courthouses to start searching right away, and advising them what kind of search is needed.

● Phoning the buyer to introduce ourselves, confirm the closing date, answer any questions and ask a few (the name of their insurance agent, the year and type of their latest survey, whether they added to or sold off any of the property, who holds their current mortgage).

● Phoning the termite inspectors to verify the inspection date and then to get their report. Sending the tax information, wiring instructions and the title insurance binder to the bank or mortgage company by secure email.

● Phoning or emailing the sellers’ attorney to get the deed and attorney’s fees.

● Sending the preliminary closing documents to the mortgage lender by secure email, in plenty of time for review, correction if necessary, and decision.

● Phoning the lender to confirm receipt of the preliminary documents, loan approval and figures for the final settlement statement, then sending that statement to everyone else by secure email in plenty of time for review.

● Phoning and emailing the realtors frequently throughout the process, to let them know we’re working on their closing, reassure that everything’s moving ahead smoothly, and give the earliest opportunity to address anything out of the ordinary.

● Phoning the buyers to schedule the closing time and answer any questions.

● With TitleWorks, everyone involved in the closing knows what they need to know, when they need to know it – in plenty of time to keep the closing on schedule.

When every single step goes right, your whole closing does.